Story of Varadraj - The success story

In ancient times, students used to study in Gurukul only. There was no practice of convent school like now. The students used to go to the Gurukul for education after the sacrificial rites. Staying near the Guru in the Gurukul, he used to take care of the ashram and also used to study.

Varadraj was one such student. After the sacrificial rites were performed, he was also sent to the Gurukul. Varadraj went to the ashram and started mingling with his classmates. He had friendly relations with the students and classmates of the ashram. Varadraj was very practical but was of rooted mind. Where other students could easily understand the education given by Guru ji, Varadraj had to work hard and he could not understand.
Guru ji started paying special attention to Varadraj by making him sit in the front row. But still it didn't seem to have any effect. Guruji used to feel very sad due to Varadraj's illiteracy, Guruji would make special efforts for him. All the companions of Varadaraja's class went to the upper class but Varadaraja remained in the same class. Tired of all his efforts towards Varadraj, Guru ji threw him out of the ashram one day considering him to be inert.

Varadaraja's expulsion from the ashram 

Being separated from his companions, Varadraj left the Gurukul ashram with a heavy heart. He was suffering a lot because of this separation but he could not do anything.
His face was going dry with depression. He started looking for some reservoir in search of water. After walking some distance on the way, he saw a well. He sat worriedly on the world of the well.

The art crafted by 4 year kid
There he sees that there is a pulley attached to the well, in which a rope is tied, which, when water is drawn, strikes the wall of the well. Due to repeated rubbing, there is a mark on the hard stone wall.
"Stujan became more and more busy studying.
Layer mark on the sill ,

This thought flashed in Varadraj's mind. he thought to himself . How a weak rope makes a mark on a strong rock with repeated efforts. So can't a mindless student like me become a scholar by repeated practice?

Varadaraja's return to Guru's ashram 

He returned back to the Vor of the ashram. It is said that in half the time it took for Varadraj to come from the ashram to that well, he returned to the ashram and wrapped himself at the feet of Guru ji.
When Guru ji asked him the reason for coming back, Varadraj narrated all his ordeal near the well. Guru ji was now seeing a new confidence in the face of Varadraj. He started teaching her again.
Now the groom had changed. With constant practice he understood the most complex formulas . He started explaining Panini's grammar formulas to his companions. 

Later on this blessing 
Laghusiddhanta  Kaumudi 

wrote a book called .

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  1. Bachpan me suni thi apni class me lakin puri tarah smjh nhi paya tha
    Aaj kosis ki ish kahani ko dundha or pdha us wqt pdhna nhi aata tha aur aaj wo kitabe or sylabus or bachpan bahut yaad aata h
    Ye choti choti kahaniya bahut gyaan deti h.

  2. Rassi se nisaan pada tha na ki mitti k bartan se

  3. Right Rassi se nishan pada tha, mitti ke bartan se nahi...or ek muhawara bhi tha...
    Karat ..karat..abhyas ke jadmati hot sujan....rasri awat jaat te ...sil par padat nishan.....