Story of a deceitful friend - The moral stories in English

One should not be friends with those who do not support in trouble

One day Ramu had to go to another village. His mother said - son don't go alone, take your friend with you. Ramu's close friend was Shyamu. Shyamu is ready to go. Then both of them started going to other village, there was a big forest in the middle. Both were walking through the forest talking comfortably, when Shyamu was surprised as if a violent animal had appeared, Shyamu quickly climbed the tree.

Ramu wonders why Shyamu is running away, when Ramu looks back, there was a bear standing there. Ramu thought that seeing the bear, Syamu ran away and he didn't even ask me to run, what should I do now? After thinking for a while, he holds his breath and lies down straight.
The bear stood near his ear for a long time, finally leaving it thinking it was dead. Later Shyamu comes and asks Ramu what did the bear say in your ear?
Ramu replies - One should not befriend those who do not support in trouble.

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