Cathode Ray Tube Experiment Challenge: Unraveling Electron Mysteries

Here's a puzzle/quiz related to the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) experiment:

Imagine you're replicating J.J. Thomson's Cathode Ray Tube experiment. You have a CRT apparatus set up, and you're investigating the properties of the cathode rays. You observe the following phenomena:

  • 1. When a magnet is brought near the CRT, the cathode rays bend in a certain direction.
  • 2. When you apply an electric field perpendicular to the magnetic field, you notice that the cathode rays are no longer deflected by the magnetic field.
  • 3. Increasing the voltage across the CRT leads to the cathode rays bending more strongly in the presence of the magnetic field.

Based on these observations, can you infer something about the nature of the cathode rays? What conclusions can you draw from these observations?

Feel free to take your time and think through the observations before formulating your answers!

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