A person sitting under Kalpataru for a few moments

A story related to Kalpa Vriksha or Kalpa Taru

Kalpa Vriksha=> means the one whose age is till Kalpa.

The age of Kalp Taru found on Earth has been estimated to be approximately 6000 years by carbon dating. The age of the Kalpa tree found in heaven is said to be approximately 1 Kalpa.

A person did penance from Lord Brahma and asked for a boon that he would go to the Kalpa tree. Whatever I want, I will ask from the Kalpa tree in a jiffy. You three gods come after doing a lot of penance and the man is not able to even ask for anything properly and you coax him and go away.

*Kalpa Vriksha => If you wish anything while sitting under its shade, that wish is fulfilled. There is no need to plead with the mouth, only the resolution of the mind gets fulfilled.

Brahma ji started explaining to him that the person sitting under the Kalpa tree should have auspicious thoughts in his mind. His mind should not be filled with impure thoughts in any way.

When he did not agree to the explanation of Chaturmukh Brahma, Brahma ji took him to the shade of the Kalpa tree for a while. He was very happy after seeing the Kalpa tree. Brahma ji was hungry for many days during his penance, so he thought why not enjoy the food of heaven today. As soon as such a wish came to his mind, the beautiful foods of heaven appeared in front of him. He had a lot of food and then started thinking about how happily I was eating here, if my brother Kalu had been here then after knowing all these he would have been beaten me with sticks.

Then what did he think in his mind that his brother started beating him with sticks. He started calling Brahma ji loudly and Brahma ji came and held his hand and took him out of the shadow of Kalpataru. As soon as he came out of the shade of the tree, the blows hitting him stopped. Brahma ji asked him, what resolution did you take? The person told his entire story to Lord Brahma. Brahma ji said, no problem, go under the shade of the tree again and this time wish for some medicine in your mind to reduce your pain.

On hearing this from Lord Brahma, the man said, "Lord, I cannot go, this time my wife is coming to my mind." No one knows what form that wish-fulfiller will assume at what moment.

I made a big mistake by not heeding your warning. Now let us go! I will practice so that good thoughts come to my mind.

Lord Brahma was happy with his devotee!

Because the devotee had understood the importance of the auspicious and inauspicious resolutions arising in his mind.

Now know how many days is a Kalpa?

Brahma's time calculation

1000 Mahayuga = 1 Kalpa = four billion thirty-two crore human years; And this is also the astronomical scientific age of the Sun.

One day (day + night) of Brahma is equal to two Kalpas. One day of Brahma, one day (=1 Kalpa) and one night (=1 Kalpa) together make up.

One day (day + night) of Brahma i.e. (night of one Kalpa + day of one Kalpa) = 8 billion 64 crore human years.

30 Brahma days = 1 Brahma month (2 trillion 59 billion 20 crore human years)

12 Brahma's months = 1 Brahma's year (31 trillion 10 billion 4 crore human years)

50 years of Brahma = 1 Parardha

2 Paradha = 100 Brahma's years = 1 Mahakalpa (Brahma's life span) (31 Shankha 10 trillion 40 billion human years)

The period of one day or one night of Brahma is called Kalpa which is 4,32,00,00,000 human years. Which is divided into 10,000 parts, which are called phases: One phase is of 4,32,000 years.

All four eras

4th phase (1,728,000 solar years) Satya Yuga

3rd phase (1,296,000 solar years) Treta Yuga

2nd phase (864,000 solar years) Dwapara Yuga

1st phase (432,000 solar years) Kali Yuga

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