What is aurora how auroras are formed (aurora sky, aurora lights, aurora australis, what is aurora)

✦ What is aurora?

Aurora is a term for the phenomenon of light and colour that are visible above the Earth's atmosphere. It can be seen in many places around the world, and is most commonly associated with the northern and southern hemispheres. The most common colours associated with aurora are red, green, and blue.

✦ How auroras are formed?

Auroras are formed when particles from the sun collide with atoms in Earth's upper atmosphere. The particles are charged particles called electrons—they're made up of negatively-charged electrons and positively-charged protons. When these two types of particles collide with each other, they create a wave of energy called an electromagnetic wave (it's similar to how sound travels through air). The wave is so powerful that it can reach even higher into space than our atmosphere does!

When this happens, it creates beautiful colours and shapes like those you see in an 
∙ aurora borealis 
∙ aurora australis

✦ Aurora Borealis 

Aurora Borealis are also known as the northern lights .The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the upper atmosphere, about 60 miles above Earth's surface. The aurora borealis is visible throughout much of Canada and the U.S., but it can also be seen in places like Greenland, Iceland, Europe, and Russia.

 Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis is also known as "Sydney's party lights." It takes its name from Sydney, Australia—the city is located on Earth's largest island (which is called Australia), which means that it's a good place to watch the lights!.  The most common location where this occurs is  Europe, Siberia and even Antarctica. 

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