The Mystery of the Hidden City

Geography jigsaw

Benevolent city buried behind the hints below is well-known. Finding the hints will help you to solve the problem by assembling the city name.

The first clue is

  • The name of this city begins with the same letter as the nation noted for its pyramids.
  • It's in a nation spanning two continents.

Second Clue:

  • The second letter of the city's name matches the second letter of the name of the longest river in the world.
  • Crucially important to the existence of a nearby ancient society, this river flows over a desert.

Third clue:

  • Though it is no longer standing, the city had held an internationally known ancient wonder.
  • Standing at the entrance of her harbour, this wonder was a massive monument.

Fourth Cue:

  • The city gets its name from a once-most important ancient library in the world.
  • The great expertise and scroll collection of this library was well-known.

Could you guess the city?

Combining the hints will help you to solve the puzzle and try to identify the secret city!  

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