The Clever Fox: The Jungle of Monkeys

In a big jungle, only monkeys lived. They didn’t know there were other animals with special powers. One day, a tricky fox with a bushy tail and bright eyes came into their jungle. He had a mysterious box around his neck.

At night, the monkeys gathered to see the new animal. One monkey asked, "Who are you, and where did you come from?"

The fox said, "I am a messenger of the Wise Sage. I came from the faraway mountains with a special gift for you."

The monkey, curious and excited, said, "The Jungle of Monkeys welcomes you. Please tell us why you have come."

The fox explained, "The Wise Sage saw that you can’t understand human language. To help you, he sent this special device. When you wear it, you can understand and speak human words."

The fox showed the device and said, "To cover my travel costs, each device costs only 10 bananas. Anyone who wants can buy it. I will leave for the mountains by morning."

The monkeys were amazed and started chattering. One monkey asked, "How can we know this device works?"

"The sun will rise soon. You can test the device then. But I must stay until morning," the fox replied.

When daylight came, the fox showed the device by pointing to things and naming them in human language. He described which monkey moved, who chattered, and who jumped. The monkeys believed him.

But the oldest monkey remembered his grandfather’s stories about a tricky fox who loved to fool others. He became suspicious.

The old monkey told the others and then said to the fox, "Please let me try the device. I will bring the bananas from my tree."

The fox replied, "These devices can only be bought at night, and you can’t try them without buying first. This is the Wise Sage’s rule."

The monkeys became more suspicious. After some time, the old monkey said, "Dear messenger, you have come from far away to help us. Please accept our invitation to a feast inside the banana grove."

Inside the grove, it was dim, but the monkeys had prepared a big feast. The fox ate a lot, including the food with sleeping herbs, and soon fell asleep.

Once the fox was asleep, a monkey tried the device and found it didn’t work. The other monkeys tested each device, confirming their doubts.

By nightfall, the fox woke up and said, "Those who want to buy the device should hurry. I will leave for the mountains now."

The monkeys surrounded him and said, "Fox, we tested you and your devices. Get ready to leave for the mountains."

With that, the monkeys began chattering loudly and closing in on the fox. He tried to run away, but the monkeys blocked his path.

Seeing no escape, the fox cried and begged, "Forgive me, friends. I will never do this again."

One of the monkeys said, "How can we forgive a messenger of the Wise Sage?"

And all the monkeys laughed together, teaching the fox a lesson he would never forget.

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