The Unemployed Deer: A Tale of Work and Survival


Once upon a time, a beautiful forest was attacked by hunters. They started hunting and catching animals. One day all the animals called a meeting in the forest. The issue of the meeting was which animals are suitable for which purposes, and which animals need to be protected if poachers enter the forest.

The first animal was the 'bull'. The bull said, "I am a strong animal and also have a hump on my back, so farmers will definitely use me for farming and ploughing. I need to be protected from hunters."

The second animal was 'Horse', he said, "I can run fast, people will definitely use me for distant journeys. I also need to be protected from predators."

When it was the donkey's turn, he said, "I can lift heavy weights and now that I have experience in this work, people will definitely use me to lift heavy weights. I also need to be protected from predators."

In this way every animal got its work. Now it was the turn of the deer. The deer was an animal that did not want to work. He didn't know what the purpose of the meeting was, he thought it was just about who was suitable for what job. So she said, "I'm smaller than everyone else, so no one can ride me and I'm not even that strong, and I also have a bad habit of eating too much, so I can't do any work." All the animals agreed with the deer.

Eventually, all the animals got their work, but the deer did not get any work. At last, the leader of the animals announced tight security for all the working animals. All the animals except the deer got security. After this, a few days passed."

One day hunters saw a deer in the forest. The deer was roaming in the forest without any protection. The hunters thought that deer had found no use but they could use her to satisfy hunger.

Then one day, hunters caught a deer in the forest and hunted it to satisfy their hunger.

From this story we get to learn the importance of working. Every animal must do its job to not only keep itself safe, but also keep other animals safe.

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