Why did the churning of the ocean happen?

God and demon are half brothers. There has been a continuous struggle between these two for their rights. Till now the demons sitting in opposition feel that they should have the right over heaven.

In the fight for this right, demons have repeatedly attacked heaven like the Pakistanis. Due to the support of the Gods and the support of Lord Vishnu, the demons have always been defeated.

Shukracharya, the guru of the demons, was very learned and ascetic. The demons were very devoted devotees of their guru. Shukracharya became worried after seeing the decreasing number of demons due to the war. A thought came to his mind! Why not do penance of Lord Shankar and acquire the knowledge of Mrityanjivani. Thinking like this, Shukracharya explained to the demon king and went to do penance for Lord Shiva. By doing rigorous penance of Lord Shiva, he attained the knowledge of Mrityanjivani.

*But here Shukracharya had cheated. --When Bhole Nath asked why do you want Sanjivani Vidya? So Shukracharya had said that I want this knowledge for human welfare. But in reality the demons started using this knowledge for welfare.

Now Shukracharya had the knowledge of Sanjeevani. Shukracharya could revive the demons who died or got injured in the war. Seeing this, Lord Indra along with the gods got worried and went to Brahma and tried to know the secret of the demons. Brahma Ji told that all this is the effect of Shiva Ji's dead Sanjivani Vidya due to which the demon Guru is bringing the dead demons back to life.

On this, Indra requested Brahma ji to come with him to Shivlok and get this problem solved from Shiv ji. On the request of Indra, Brahma ji went to Shiv Lok. Lord Shiva welcomed everyone and asked the reason for coming. Indra narrated all his plight and told about the harm caused to the gods by Shukracharya's Sanjivani Vidya.

On hearing this from Indra, Lord Shiva said that in this karma-oriented world, if someone does any work, it is the law of the universe to give him fruits. And Shukracharya told us that Sanjeevani Vidya was for human welfare. Now we all should turn to Lord Vishnu to solve this problem.

Indra and all the gods went to Vishnu Lok along with Brahma ji and Shiva ji. After listening to everything, Lord Vishnu told the gods about the need to churn the ocean. Lord Vishnu said that you should churn the ocean and by drinking the nectar that comes out of it, you will become immortal. But this churning of the ocean was not possible with the gods alone. The gods had to work together with the demons in the churning of the ocean. Meaning in India, work like getting a bill passed in the House by taking the opposition in a trust vote.

The gods sent their messengers to the demon emperor. At first the demons refused saying that we have Sanjivani Vidya and we do not need nectar. Then the messenger of the gods explained, how many people will your Guru alone keep alive? Your survival also depends on the wish of the Guru. If he wants, he may make you alive, or if he wants, he may not make you alive. And if something happens to Guru ji, then who will keep you alive after his death?

Thus, the process of churning the ocean began with the joint efforts of the gods and demons.

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