The Moral Tales of A King's Painting in English - The moral stories in English

Once upon a time, a Kingdom existed. There was a monarch who was nice and bright despite having only one eye and one leg. Because of their ruler, everyone in his realm led happy and healthy lives. The king once came across his forefathers' portraits while strolling down the palace corridor. He imagined that one day his children would pass along the same corridor and would use these pictures to recall all of their relatives.

The king, however, chose not to commission a picture. He wasn't sure how his painting would turn out because of his physical limitations. He then summoned a number of well-known painters to the court from his and other kingdoms. The monarch then declared that he would like a stunning portrait of himself painted and displayed in the palace. Anyone with the necessary painting skills should step forward. Depending on how the painting turns out, he will be awarded.

The idea spread among the painters that the king only has one leg and one eye. How can his image be enhanced to look stunning? It is not conceivable, and the king will chastise them if the painting does not come out beautifully. As a result, one by one, everyone began to apologize and formally decline to paint the king.

However, a painter immediately raised his hand and said, "I'll paint a very lovely portrait of you that you'll definitely appreciate." When the monarch heard that, he was pleased, and other painters became interested. The artist began drawing the portrait when the king gave him permission. The drawing was subsequently painted over. He finally said that the portrait was finished after taking a while!

The courtiers and other painters were all fascinated and uneasy, wondering how the painter could make the king's image attractive given his physical limitations. What if the monarch is incensed because he doesn't like the painting? But everyone in the court, even the monarch, was left speechless when the painter displayed the portrait.

The artist created a portrait of the monarch riding a horse on his one leg, carrying a bow, and firing an arrow with his closed eye. The king was thrilled to see that the artist skillfully concealed the king's limitations to create a beautiful portrait. He received a generous award from the King.

Moral: We should always see the best in people and minimize their flaws. Instead of trying to cover up flaws, we should learn to concentrate on the positive aspects of life. We will be able to solve our difficulties more effectively if we think optimistically and approach every scenario, no matter how challenging.

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